The Micromort

So the idea of the micromort is about conceptualizing risk.  A one in a million probability that something will kill you?  That’s 1 micromort.  Not the most difficult math, but it helps normalize risk (as for quantifying it, you’re still on your own), so (at least in some sense) the idea that hang-gliding generates the equivalent risk of death as driving 3000 km (~1800 mi) in a car.  There does seem to be a time element missing, as well as some way to account for mitigating elements (I can drive a lot better than I can hang-glide).  I saw this concept referenced on Bruce Schneier’s blog, who in turn credits the Stubborn Mule blog.


Shamoon, the other malware that attacked the Middle East

I’ve been catching up on my reading, and I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about these malware attacks from August, although it does seem to have affected primarily petro corporations who have a vested interest in this information not being made public, and a better chance than the government to make that stick.  Since it doesn’t seem to be a government sponsored attack, does that make it passe?