Like Free Tickets to a Haunted House

This NPR article about CEO’s receiving cyber briefings from the US military bothers me.  As presented, it sounds like an attempt at education through fearmongering.  Scared Straight for businesses?  I’m sure the appeal of a one day Top Secret clearance is too great for many executives to pass up.  In this day and age, a CEO should not be that surprised.  A corporation’s primary goal is to contribute to shareholder value; information security should be considered complimentary to that goal, a cost of doing business.  And to expect the government to do it all is unrealistic.  I don’t think businesses expect the government to pay for their locks and burglar alarms for their physical security (do they?).  Honestly, I am more interested in the reactions of the CEO’s than the top secret information given to them; I’d like to know if I’m doing business with companies that just don’t get it.


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