Fukushima Quake Visualization

I came across this visualization in an article on Geekdad by Roy Wood; he has some other great links there, including images of the reactor taken with a 10m endoscope.  The video is worth watching to get a sense of the visual language, but if you get bored, you can then jump ahead to around 1:30.  Around 6:50, the visualization converts to some other formats.  This information is presented in a very sanitized, 10,000 ft. level view, but it also emphasizes how significant of a geological event the quake was, and in many ways, still is.


2 thoughts on “Fukushima Quake Visualization

  1. Holy cow! That’s a pretty clear visualization of a) how often small quakes occur, and b) the difference in scale between a normal day and 3/11.

    • Absolutely. In some of the views, it also looks like seismic activity may have been significantly elevated for the rest of the year. I also thought the audio really helped drive the point home.

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